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Carpet Cleaning

Give your carpet the best care possible. With a broad range of services Clean Group can provide, your carpet will have its brand new look back. Our carpet cleaning services are best for carpets used at homes and in commercial spaces.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Is your sofa starting to look worn-out? Let Clean Group bring it back to life. We know the right approaches in cleaning fabrics that will remove all kinds of stains without ruining the quality of your upholstery.

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Rug Cleaning

Return your rug to its former glory. No matter how old or dirty your rug gets, Clean Group will make it look fresh and vibrant again. Our methods and solutions works well on rugs of all kinds making them stay clean for longer periods of time.

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Tile Machine Cleaning

When business is going strong, so does the foot traffic your floors receive. Make sure it stays healthy-looking with Clean Group’s tile cleaning services. We’ll remove dirt on your tiles and grout that makes your floor look dull and lifeless.

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Get Healthier Carpets at a fixed price. No Surprises!

Clean Group offers fixed prices for all our services with no extra charges. You can rest assured there’ll be no sudden changes in the prices without your knowledge. Changes in prices only take place when there are changes in the job specification, you have our word!

Get the best carpet cleaning service deals from us. Check out the complete list of our services and prices below.

House - Carpet Steam Cleaning

For your house carpet cleaning needs, Clean Group offers the most competitive price rates. Our steam cleaning method uses high temperature to produce steam that removes tough stains on carpets. The use of high temperature makes this method effective in killing germs and reducing allergens. To see the service costs, click on the room type and the room condition.

Light Soiled Condition


Medium Soiled Condition


Heavy Soiled Condition


Commercial & Office
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Clean Group makes use of steam cleaning technology to provide outstanding carpet cleaning results. We make use of high temperature that converts water to steam. This method is effective in removing hard-to-remove stains and disinfecting carpets. The rates of our service are based on the area size, as well as the carpet condition. To see the price, choose the size of your property per square meters and the condition of your carpet. You may also see the complete list of prices by clicking “Check Price List”

Light Soiled Condition

$ 3.00 / m2GST INCLUSIVE

Medium Soiled Condition

$ 3.50 / m2 GST INCLUSIVE

Heavy Soiled Condition


Tiles, Grout, Marble &
Stone Cleaning Pricing

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Upholstery Cleaning
Lounge suite

Get the best upholstery cleaning from Clean Group. Our methods nature-friendly, quick-drying and cleans well. We specialise in handling all kinds of stains and dirt like wine and food stains on various kinds of fabrics. Simply choose your type of upholstered furniture from the selection to the right to see the exact price. You may also find the complete price list by clicking “Check Price List”.


Rug Cleaning - Steam Cleaning

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Between $35 & $45Depending on size

Carpet Cleaning Steam Cleaning Parramatta NSW

We all know how carpets help a great deal in beautifying a workspace. However, no matter how expensive, elegant and unique a carpet maybe, it cannot serve its purpose when it doesn’t receive proper care. Dirty carpets ruin the overall look of an office regardless of how clean and tidy it is. Aside from that, dirty carpets also pose a great risk to your employees’ health. Therefore, taking extra effort in caring and protecting your carpet to prolong its life makes a lot of sense. Don’t worry Carpet Clean Group consistently delivers exceptional results to businesses and commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney. Our solutions always stay on par with global standards. We also keep our staff up-to-speed with the latest cleaning techniques so we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning Like No Other

As the most reliable source of carpet cleaning solutions, we provide unparalleled customer service and cleaning outcomes. We are sure that you can find no other cleaning companies in Sydney that offers:

Insured services
Carpet Clean Group is a carpet cleaning company complete with insurance. You can be sure that you and your property are safe from any untoward incidents.

Fast-drying and effective cleaning
Our technicians make use of the best cleaning method that ensures complete removal of dirt, dust, stains and all unwanted particles in your carpet. Our methods are also fast-drying allowing only a minimal amount of time to dry. After which, your carpet is almost always ready for use.

Fixed rate, no hidden fees
We, at Clean Group, only like surprising you with the impressive cleaning outcomes we deliver. When it comes to our service rates and fees, we are honest and transparent. We guarantee to have no surprise fees at the end of our service. You can rest assured knowing that everything will be done according to your financial plan.

Rug Cleaning Steam Cleaning Parramatta NSW

Clean rugs is not a child’s play. It requires expertise and careful attention to details. A little carelessness can cause ruining of a rug, especially when it is made from delicate materials.

And so, when it comes to rug cleaning, make sure you only seek help from real professionals. Carpet Clean Group offers specialised cleaning for all kinds of rugs. Whether you have handwoven or machine-made rugs, we got the right cleaning solutions for you.

For Oriental rugs, antique, silk, handwoven and contemporary rugs cleaning, Carpet Clean Group is the best cleaning partner for you.

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Upholstery Cleaning Steam Cleaning Parramatta NSW 

Upholstery, chairs, settees and sofas help a great deal in making a home or a workplace look and feel comfortable. But over time, it begins to collect dirt and dust particles that cause allergies and respiratory ailments. When this happens, your upholstery is not able to perform its original duty. And instead of giving you comfort, it becomes a major cause of discomfort.

Surely, no one would want this for their homes and offices. Upholstery is an investment that involves a substantial amount of money. No one in their right mind would spend a fortune only cause discomfort and illnesses in their homes or in the workplace.

To prevent getting this far with problematic upholstery, treat your plush assets to Carpet Clean Groups upholstery cleaning services. We provide truly effective cleaning solutions that will make your upholstered furniture softer, healthier and cleaner.

Not only that but we also offer excellent customer service. Our friendly cleaning staff will give you:

A hassle-free service
We will come to your site and work according to your preferred schedule. We do our job efficiently and in a timely manner. Our technicians will ensure you will encounter no hassles with our services.

Expert cleaning
You can rest assured that our technicians know what they are doing. So, you do not have to worry about your upholstery not getting the right cleaning service. Our technicians have over 20 years of experience, and they know pretty well which cleaning methods work and which does not.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Because our technicians know which methods work, you can expect that they will use the most effective ones for your upholstery. We are sure and confident to say that you will love the cleaning outcomes you will get from us.

Tile Cleaning Steam Cleaning Parramatta NSW

Are there persistent stains that you can’t just remove from your floors? Or are your floors showing signs of deterioration or discolouration? No worries, Carpet Clean Group has got the right solutions for you.

For a perfectly shiny, dry and slip-and trip-free finish, get our Tile Machine Cleaning services. We make use of innovative floor cleaning technology that will give you impeccably clean floors without the risk of slipping or tripping after the cleanup process.

This is made possible by the innovative iMop floor scrubber. It is a high-tech walk behind scrubber that effectively removes dirt and stains, and makes any floors 90% clean. It also comes with a built-in suction machine that immediately extracts water and chemicals from the floor, reducing floor-related accidents in the workplace.

With our services, not only will you get satisfyingly clean floors, but you will also get a safer working environment for you and your staff. To learn more or avail of this fantastic service, simply use the button below.

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