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Carpet Cleaning

Give your carpet the best care possible. With a broad range of services Clean Group can provide, your carpet will have its brand new look back. Our carpet cleaning services are best for carpets used at homes and in commercial spaces.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Is your sofa starting to look worn-out? Let Clean Group bring it back to life. We know the right approaches in cleaning fabrics that will remove all kinds of stains without ruining the quality of your upholstery.

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Rug Cleaning

Return your rug to its former glory. No matter how old or dirty your rug gets, Clean Group will make it look fresh and vibrant again. Our methods and solutions works well on rugs of all kinds making them stay clean for longer periods of time.

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Tile Machine Cleaning

When business is going strong, so does the foot traffic your floors receive. Make sure it stays healthy-looking with Clean Group’s tile cleaning services. We’ll remove dirt on your tiles and grout that makes your floor look dull and lifeless.

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Get Healthier Carpets at a fixed price. No Surprises!

Clean Group offers fixed prices for all our services with no extra charges. You can rest assured there’ll be no sudden changes in the prices without your knowledge. Changes in prices only take place when there are changes in the job specification, you have our word!

Get the best carpet cleaning service deals from us. Check out the complete list of our services and prices below.

House - Carpet Steam Cleaning

For your house carpet cleaning needs, Clean Group offers the most competitive price rates. Our steam cleaning method uses high temperature to produce steam that removes tough stains on carpets. The use of high temperature makes this method effective in killing germs and reducing allergens. To see the service costs, click on the room type and the room condition.

Light Soiled Condition


Medium Soiled Condition


Heavy Soiled Condition


Commercial & Office
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Clean Group makes use of steam cleaning technology to provide outstanding carpet cleaning results. We make use of high temperature that converts water to steam. This method is effective in removing hard-to-remove stains and disinfecting carpets. The rates of our service are based on the area size, as well as the carpet condition. To see the price, choose the size of your property per square meters and the condition of your carpet. You may also see the complete list of prices by clicking “Check Price List”

Light Soiled Condition

$ 3.00 / m2GST INCLUSIVE

Medium Soiled Condition

$ 3.50 / m2 GST INCLUSIVE

Heavy Soiled Condition


Tiles, Grout, Marble &
Stone Cleaning Pricing

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Upholstery Cleaning
Lounge suite

Get the best upholstery cleaning from Clean Group. Our methods nature-friendly, quick-drying and cleans well. We specialise in handling all kinds of stains and dirt like wine and food stains on various kinds of fabrics. Simply choose your type of upholstered furniture from the selection to the right to see the exact price. You may also find the complete price list by clicking “Check Price List”.


Rug Cleaning - Steam Cleaning

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Between $35 & $45Depending on size

Carpet Cleaning Steam Cleaning Kenthurst NSW

We all know how carpets help a great deal in beautifying a workspace. However, no matter how expensive, elegant and unique a carpet maybe, it cannot serve its purpose when it doesn’t receive proper care. Dirty carpets ruin the overall look of an office regardless of how clean and tidy it is. Aside from that, dirty carpets also pose a great risk to your employees’ health. Therefore, taking extra effort in caring and protecting your carpet to prolong its life makes a lot of sense. Don’t worry Carpet Clean Group consistently delivers exceptional results to businesses and commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney. Our solutions always stay on par with global standards. We also keep our staff up-to-speed with the latest cleaning techniques so we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Carpet Makeover

Tired looking carpets? It’s time to give it a total makeover. Clean Group is here to give your carpets some love. Since we know they are a valuable investment for your business, we designed specialised carpet cleaning solutions to make it look brand new.

Clean Group is the best in Sydney. We can do a wide range of carpet cleaning services that will make your carpet healthier and softer than ever. Our technicians will help your carpet prolong its life enabling it to serve its function as an attractive piece in your office.

Stain Removal

You may try all you want but you can never avoid stains from getting on your carpet. Rushing employees may spill coffee or ink on the carpet or even scatter food crumbs all over it.

Most of the time, stains of this kind can’t be removed by simple cleaning routines such as vacuuming. This, together with other types of dirt that have settled at the bottom of your carpet and have hardened over time will require professional cleaning.

Our specialised stain removal solutions guarantee to treat your carpet from stubborn stains. We have the right tools and materials to return your carpet to its spotless, stain-free and unblemished state. With us, you’re guaranteed that no stain will be left behind.

Some of the stains we can deal with for you include beverage and food stains, ink, dye and nail polish, tar, vomit and blood, grease, mud and soil, as well as faeces and urine.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, our technicians are the leaders in the industry. They have many years of experience thus they provide you with the highest quality of carpet cleaning. We guarantee to give you impeccable results that won’t result in quick re-soiling of your carpet.

Our expert technicians make use of steam cleaning method that’s highly effective in removing stubborn dirt. Not only that, but it also removes unpleasant odour from the carpet and kills bacteria. Through this method, we guarantee to give you a thoroughly cleaned carpet without ruining its elegant look.

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction is one of the most effective methods of carpet cleaning. It makes use of hot water to loosen dirt for extraction. A carpet cleaning machine will then extract both the water and dirt from the carpet.

This method is effective in removing even the toughest dirt on your carpet. It also removes a lot of other air pollutants like pet dander, cockroach allergens, and even trapped gases. And because it makes use of a high water temperature it effectively kills bacteria as well as mites, which can’t survive in very hot conditions.

With Clean Group’s carpet cleaning, you’ll surely get the best care your carpet needs. We can help you make your office twice as stunning by giving you perfect-looking carpets.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident with our staff’s ability to clean your carpets and restore its brand-new look.

In the rare case you aren’t satisfied with their work, we’ll gladly send them over to your place for a re-do until you are satisfied with the result. The re-do will cost you nothing so there’s no need to worry about any additional costs.

Most importantly, our rates are fixed and there will also be no hidden fees for our services. Clean Group always aim for transparency and honesty because we want you to trust us.

Rug Cleaning | Kenthurst NSW | Carpet Clean Group

Upholstery Cleaning Steam Cleaning Kenthurst NSW 

Buying new pieces of furniture can be exciting and exhilarating. However, as time goes by the feeling of excitement and exhilaration slowly fade away as your furniture loses its original shine and vibrancy.

Dust starts to accumulate on the couch or sofa. Stains are becoming permanent. And its corners are turning into breeding grounds for disease-causing particles. All these collect quickly over time making your furniture look dull and lifeless.

This is why professional upholstery cleaning is a must. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and professional upholstery cleaning service, you’re lucky because you’re in the right place

Expert Cleaning

Permanent stain and deep-seated dirt may make your upholstered furniture seem a hopeless case. But not for us!

We have ample expertise and knowledge to return your upholstery to its former glory. Our cleaners are experts in upholstery cleaning, and they know it like the back of their hands. Regardless of the type of fabric, they know the right approaches to clean to the maximum standards.

With them, we confidently guarantee you’ll get the best results!

Healthy Upholstery Means a Healthy Workplace

If you want to have a healthier place to live and work in, then you should keep your upholstery healthy. To help you do that, we offer the best cleaning services that will make your upholstered furniture healthier and more durable. We’ll help you extend its life through thorough cleaning so you won’t have to replace it soon.

Our cleaners can remove even the smallest particles that can’t be seen by our naked eyes. They will eliminate air pollutants such as dust, mite, cockroach allergens and other particles that cause respiratory ailments. We guarantee that you’ll get a healthier office with a cleaner upholstery.

Best Choice for Upholstery Cleaning

Clean Group knows that upholstery is a critical asset in your office. Its elegant and unique design adds to the aesthetic value of any room. This is why we only utilise the most effective methods of upholstered furniture. Our solutions are guaranteed to keep it fresh-looking and give you 100% satisfaction.

We’ve been providing upholstery cleaning services in Sydney for over 20 years. In that time, we have made numerous clients happy and still continue to do so until today. Clean Group has set the highest industry standard in upholstery cleaning and stain removal.

We are known for our high-quality professional upholstery cleaning services. We have expert technicians who have built a stellar reputation for being trustworthy and reliable. They provide effective cleaning services to our clients all over Sydney.

Our staff do this with the help of the state-of-the-art machines we equip them with. These machines deep clean your upholstery, right down to the hardest-to-reach corners. They remove dirt, dust, as well as the most stubborn stains.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

With Clean Group, you no longer have to worry about the products we use for hard-to-remove stains. Our cleaning products are gentle on any upholstery type and safe for both humans and pets.

This works best if you’re someone who is environmentally conscious. You can rest assured our cleaning products are so. We guarantee to leave your upholstery looking, feeling and smelling fresh and clean without contributing to the destruction of our planet.

No Match to Any Stains

Clean Group’s upholstery cleaning solutions are no match to any stains. We specialize in handling various kinds of upholstered furniture like couches, sofas, chairs, stools, beds, lounges and other leathered furniture.

With the expertise of our technicians, we are confident that you’ll get 100% satisfaction. In the off chance, you aren’t we won’t hesitate to send our staff back to provide a re-do with no additional charges.

So if your upholstery is in need of professional cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact Clean Group today.


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Just like your carpets and upholstery, rugs can significantly affect the overall look of a workplace. But did you know that aside from adding aesthetic value to your office, rugs’ primary use is to trap dust, dirt and other air pollutants that can cause respiratory ailments?

It traps soil and mud that are brought in by people from the outside. It also catches microscopic irritants such as mites and cockroach allergens. All these elements getting trapped in your rugs make it inevitable for your rugs to look tattered and worn out. A lot of times, this problem cannot be solved by ordinary cleaning means or by vacuuming alone.

In fact, doing so may cause damage and disturb the dirt causing it to scattered in the air. The sadder part is an ill-looking rug can ruin your office’s overall look. Given this, getting professional cleaning services makes a lot of sense.

Bringing Rugs Back to Life

Maintaining the looks of any type of rugs can be a difficult task, especially when it is heavily soiled. That’s why, in between regular vacuuming, it should also get professional cleaning.

For that, you should only trust the experts. Clean Group has the right equipment to deal with all your rug problems. And we are here to bring your rug back to life. As one of the premier rug cleaning services in Sydney with over 20 years of experience, we can clean your rug without causing fibre breakage and deterioration.

Effective Cleaning Solutions

Our technicians use cleaning methods that remove the dirt of all sorts, unpleasant odour and allergens that have accumulated in your precious rug. They will leave you with a rug that is thoroughly clean, soft and healthy. They are also experienced and insured so you can have peace of mind.

By utilising the steam cleaning method, your rug will be renewed and revitalised. The dirt it has caught and has hardened at its bottom will also be efficiently removed. Your rug will never know deterioration and fibre breakage.

Instead, it will get back its natural shine and its original, vibrant colour.

This cleaning method is proven to be effective. The entire procedure will have your rug, whatever type it is, spotlessly cleaned, leaving no residue behind – which is a major cause of rugs looking dirty too quickly.

Affordable but High-Quality

In addition to this, we offer reasonable pricing for our services. Our staff will provide you with an honest and accurate estimate for the cleaning service you require. We assure you that after our job is done, you’ll no surprise fees on your final bill. All our rates are fixed, fair and affordable.

But despite the low cost we offer for our services, we guarantee that the quality of our work is never compromised. One way we keep our cleaning costs low and quality high are by providing bespoke cleaning solutions.

What this means is we tailor our cleaning plans to your specific needs. Our technicians will only perform cleaning functions that your rug really needs. We don’t want to waste our resources, as well as your money, on unnecessary services.

That’s one reason why Clean Group doesn’t offer generic cleaning plans. We don’t believe it is effective in addressing our clients’ unique and exacting needs. Our company wants to provide the best cleaning experience to you, and so we offer nothing but the best cleaning plan that’s perfect for your needs.

The Clean Group Promise

When you let us take care of your rug, we promise to supply satisfaction and fulfil your needs. That is because Clean Group is dedicated to keeping you satisfied. We promise to deliver the highest quality of carpet cleaning that brings about long-lasting results.

Moreover, our technicians work hard and will work with you to ensure your needs are met. We promise to stop at nothing to meet every single one of your demands and exceed your expectations.

So, don’t wait further and get the ultimate rug care with Clean Group’s rug cleaning services today.



Tile Cleaning | Kenthurst NSW | Carpet Clean Group

Get Shiny Floors in No Time

You know that receiving strong foot traffic in your establishment is good for business. But, you also know it’s good not for your floors. And ironically, having unhealthy floor conditions can hurt business.

The problem is, simple mopping and sweeping your tiled floors aren’t enough. The dirt that gets trapped in grout causes discolouration and makes the entire floor look filthy. Leaving it in such a condition leaves the floor permanently stained and dull.

The good news is, there’s no need to rip your tiles and have them replaced every so often. All you need are expert cleaners who can clean your tiled floors efficiently and restore its shiny looks.

Clean Group will do just that. We’ll revive your tiles and hard floors with our tile machine cleaning services. The advanced cleaning machine and equipment we use eliminate stains and dirt on your tiles and grout. Our skilled technicians can guarantee to make your floors shining as if it’s brand new.

Expert Tile Cleaners

Clean Group’s technicians are the leading tile cleaning experts in Sydney. They receive continuous floor care training, and they remain up to speed with the best, the latest and the safest cleaning methods. To help them exceed more, we also provide them with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and tools.

With us, maintaining your tiles, grout and floor will never be a problem. We partner our cleaning solutions with safe, non-toxic and efficient cleaning products that will give you the best results at the most economical price.

Why Trust Our Service?

Reasonable and fixed rate.

What was agreed during the discussion and planning stage will remain the same after our work is done unless necessary changes in the cleaning plan were implemented.


Eco-Friendly cleaning.

Our methods and the products we use in tile cleaning are safe for the environment. Whenever we can we avoid the use of harsh chemicals that are to humans. We’ll make sure your office stay safe and healthy with our services.

Free Quote.

Asking for a quote won’t cost you anything. We offer a free consultation and provide an accurate estimate. We don’t believe in guessing and in offering generic carpet cleaning plans.

Guaranteed results.

Our cleaning solutions guarantee results. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll give you a re-do with no additional cost. That’s how serious we are in meeting your demands and expectations.

Best Cleaning Trends and Equipment

Clean Group follow the best trends in tile cleaning. The cleaning products we choose are only those proven to be effective. We also prefer safe and organically produced cleaning agents over manufactured ones to ensure everyone’s safety.

Our mops aren’t just ordinary mops. We make use of i-mop and micro-fibre technology to clean floors impeccably without too much use of chemicals. These are rotary brushes that cut through dirt and grease. We also have powerful suction machines that extract excess slime using hot water and steam.


All of these will provide a healthier clean for your place of business. And we guarantee that!


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