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Tough On Dirt, Gentle On Rugs

Our cleaning professionals at Clean Group know rugs back to front. No matter what kind of rugs, they have the skills to give it exceptional care. They also have the right tools and advanced equipment that works well on all types of rugs; be it wool, cotton, synthetic, silk and others.

The cleaning solutions, which we designed ourselves, guarantee to preserve all parts of a rug, up to its innermost fibres. It will leave your rugs looking fresh and vibrant in colour and make it remain cleaner for a longer time.

When your precious, imported rug needs professional cleaning, put your trust only on the skilled hands of our rug cleaning experts. We will treat your little treasure with the safest and most effective cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt, but gentle on rugs.

Return Your Rug To Its Former Glory

Clean Group’s rug cleaning will bring your rugs back to life. Whether it’s Oriental, Persian or any other area rugs, you’ll see it shining in its original shades.

Our solutions are designed to protect the delicate fibres your rug is made of. We’ll provide it organic, non-toxic treatment that won’t cause deterioration and back crumbling. The naturally formulated shampoos we use will keep the rug’s fibres intact and durable. We’ll also eliminate dust and dirt that have accumulated in your rug over time, which make it look dull and filthy.

Cleaning your rugs periodically helps make your home a healthier place to live in. It also turns your office into a safe, more pleasant place of employment. So when your rug needs cleaning, you should only trust experts like Clean Group.

With over 20 years of experience in providing rug cleaning solutions, we have the expertise to care for all types of rugs; be it hand-knotted, machine-knotted, Oriental or Persian.

Rugs & Mats Steam Cleaning Prices

Between $35.00 and $45.00 depending on size

Persian and Oriental Rugs – POA