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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets help a great deal in beautifying homes and workspaces. But regardless of how expensive, luscious and exquisite a carpet maybe, it cannot serve its purpose well when it doesn’t get the proper care it needs.

Dirty carpets ruin the overall look of your home and office no matter how clean and tidy they are. Aside from that, dirty carpets also pose a great risk to your family and employees’ health.

Therefore, it’s only right that you take extra effort in caring and protecting your carpet, as well as prolonging its life.
<h3Give your carpets some love

Clean Group is here to give your carpet the best care there is. We know they are a great investment for your home and business. That’s why we designed specialised carpet cleaning solutions that will leave your carpets looking brand new.

Our well-trained, highly experienced, licensed and insured cleaners will give your beloved carpet the love it deserves with the deep carpet cleaning services we offer:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Spraying and shampooing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning and conditioning
  • Stain removal

No stains left behind

Try all you want but you can never avoid stains on your carpets. There’ll always be an employee rushing to get a cup of coffee or juice and spilling some on the carpet or a child scattering food crumbs all over it at home.

Our specialised stain removal solutions guarantees to treat your carpet from stubborn stains. We have the right tools and materials to return your carpet to its spotless, stain-free and unblemished state.

There’s no stain our trained technicians can’t remove. They can deal with:

  • Beverage and Food Stains
  • Ink, Dye and Nail Polish
  • Tar, Vomit and Blood
  • Grease
  • Mud and Soil
  • Faeces and Urine

Price List

Degree of Stain
Light Medium Heavy
(Up to 12m2)
32 35 45
Hallway / Corridor
(Up to 12m2)
32 35 40
Lounge Room 62 70 90
Dining Room 42 50 60
Flight of Stairs 42 45 55
Landing 22 30 40
Degree of Stain
Light Medium Heavy
(Up to 12m2)
37 45 55
Hallway / Corridor
(Up to 12m2)
32 35 45
Lounge Room 72 75 85
Dining Room 52 65 75
Flight of Stairs 42 45 55
Landing 27 30 35

Please Note:
We also have an Industrial cleaning process for extremely heavy stained and soiled carpet condition. This will require a dual multi-stage process for maximum cleaning result. Price for this service will be determined on the cleaner’s arrival. Our minimum charge for Gold Standard is $105.00.